Volunteer Hour Submission Form

Submit no later October 15, 2017

  • For year end awards, 8 hours of volunteer time is needed! It is to be obtained from a MODA organized show, clinic, educational or sponsored event.

  • 6 hours of MODA volunteer time at MODA Spring Show in April  or MODA Classic in July needed for Adult/Youth Education Grant (no donations hours permitted),

  • 2 hours earned if referring new member(s),  2 hours per new member referred (must not have been a member within last 5 years).

  • Solicit sponsor(s) for any MODA educational event, schooling or recognized show. $200.00 minimum to earn 4 volunteer hours.

  • Providing arena and/or lecture space for MODA educational purposes.  Maximum 8 hours  available with Board approval.  Contact Penny Krug at pskrug5419@gmail.com

  • Volunteer hours can be donated for the purpose of year end awards.  No more than 8 hours can be donated to any one member.  Hours can be donated to multiple members.

  • 8 hours of volunteer time for conducting, organizing or managing a MODA education event with Board approval. 

  • 8 hours for active committee and board members as stated in MODA policy.

  • 8 hours of volunteer time for manning the MODA booth at Equine Affaire in a 4 hour block of time.  Must remain at booth.

March Schooling Show

April Recognized Show

July Recognized Show

Contact Kathy Beecher


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